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Our Mission

Founded by Muslim women, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation empowers, promotes and supports all women and their families—a mission that ultimately creates stronger communities. Since 2005, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation has been an ambassador of the peaceful, caring Muslim community. Our core program areas are:

News & Updates

News & Updates

  • Annual Ramadan Peaceful Families Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign

    Interview With Salma Abugideiri, Peaceful Families Project (PFP) Trainer and Consultant The Annual Ramadan Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign is a partnership between TMWF and local imams.  This partnership aims to cultivate peace in our homes especially given the emphasis during this holy month on self-improvement and reflection. The campaign’s goal is to… Read More

  • Behavioral Health Resources To Foster Resilience after a Tragedy

    Responding to the Orlando Community Tragedy Behavioral Health Resources To Foster Resilience The emotional toll from the mass shooting earlier this week in Orlando, Florida, continues to resonate both locally and nationwide. Following a tragedy of this magnitude, mental health support can make a substantial difference in beginning to heal… Read More

  • Thank You for joining us at the Mother’s Day Luncheon

    All Our Brothers and Sisters 5th Annual TMWF Mother’s Day Luncheon   We would like to thank everyone who joined us at our Mother’s Day Luncheon. Thank you to Rabbi Elana Ann Zelony, Shaykh Omar Suleiman, Rev. Dr. Michael W. Waters. We hope you were inspired by these great panelists… Read More

  • TMWF Featured as a Success Story by US Department of Health and Human Services

    A Texas Foundation with Muslim Roots Promotes Violence-Free Homes for All Amaya* came to the United States with her three children, seeking asylum because of the severe abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband in her country of origin. Other providers gave her resources regarding pro bono legal… Read More

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