About Texas Muslim Women's Foundation (TMWF)



The Texas Muslim Women's Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to empower, promote, and support women and families through Educational, Outreach, Philanthropic, and Social Services.


TMWF was established in 2005 in an atmosphere where the voice of Muslim women was rarely heard, leading to prevailing stereotype that all Muslim women are subjugated or ignored. The organization is the first of its kind in North Texas to give Muslim women a strong voice and address their needs thus highlighting the vital role of women in Islam.



To help instill the tremendous resourcefulness, effectiveness and ability to multitask making the Woman and Girl an asset capable of bringing change towards her own welfare and society.

"Spread peace; it is a pleasure to God." (Tabarani, al-Awsat, vol. 6, p. 358, Hadith 6611)


"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford

Social Services

We concentrate on addressing the needs of Muslim women and their families due to the lack of services within the Muslim community concerning Domestic Violence (DV), senior citizens, youth, networking among the various organizations, and participating in mainstream organizations. TMWF provides expert counsel by qualified social service workers to women and families suffering from domestic violence. Bringing awareness to the problem of DV is also of utmost importance in our community. Our goal is to resolve problems and maintain the unity of the family and most importantly establish 'Peace in the Home'.

TMWF has the support of Imams and Community leaders, as evidenced by 12 area Imams adapting a policy of zero tolerance and signing a Declaration against DV within the Muslim Community on February 15, 2011. This support is a huge asset - it represents involvement in efforts to ensure "Peace in The Home" by the whole Muslim community. This is a first among faith communities and we are very proud of our religious leaders for taking this proactive step.


TMWF was recognized by Dallas Women's Foundation for the Social Services Program particularly the Domestic Violence work at their DWF Annual 2011 Luncheon  DWF Newsletter.


Luncheon Video - Introducing Mavis Leno, Maria Ebrahimji with TMWF (use Windows Media Player and ignore message of unsupported format...click "play again").


TMWF does not discriminate against anyone based on ethnicity, race, religion, or affiliation.


Key Communicator Network

TMWF has created a network of interested and motivated women to promote a continuing two-way exchange between the community and TMWF. It creates awareness about TMWF programs and gives the TMWF Board a continuous pulse about the needs of the community and their assessment of TMWF Programs.

Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested in joining this network.


TMWF is All About Muslim Women for All Women.

Each of us has much to share and contribute! TMWF would like to help people understand that Muslim women play many roles just like women of other faiths, and to help overcome stereotypes that many have about Muslim Women.

Outreach and Interfaith

Since our launch in August of 2005, both secular and religious organizations reached out and requested TMWF participation in their projects. Many of these organizations specifically request and indicate their great appreciation of the fact that their members get to hear directly from Muslim women.

TMWF is actively involved in changing perceptions about Muslims and participates, presents and organizes interfaith dialogues in churches, colleges, clubs and women's organizations.


TMWF Outreach activites included:

  • Islamic Workshop at Irving Libraries
  • Methodist Church in Colorado
  • Greenland Hills Methodist Church in Dallas
  • First Presbyterian Church in Dallas
  • 1st Unitarian Church in Dallas
  • St Michaels All Angels Episcopal Church in Dallas
  • Faith Club with Christian, Jewish and Muslim members
  • World Religions Class at Richland College
  • North Haven United Methodist Church - Faith Voices on Justice Series
  • Special 9/11 Memorial Services in DFW churches, in Carrolton, Garland, Denton and Southern Methodist University
  • Muslim Baptist Initiative - Building Bridges with Fellow Texans at Northwood Church, Keller, Texas
  • Awarded "Organization of the Year" by Dallas Peace Center for extensive Interfaith/Outreach efforts 2010

Youth Leadership Development

TMWF provides opportunities for Muslim youth to be ambassadors and volunteers. Youth ages 7-18 help the needy while having fun together. Over 100 youth have served the DFW area since 2007 with an increasing number of outreach service hours each year.