TMWF’s Social Services operates the following programs:


Case Management Program:

Case management focuses on roles that assist clients to maximize their ability to use available resources to improve their situation. Case managers emphasize and support individual choice, as well as improving their individual choice and decision making.


Case management activities generally have two key features:

  • Providing a connection between clients and the system.
  • Supporting and assuring the clients that these services will lead to improve their situation.

Services including the following:

  • Assessment of issues presented by the family
  • Development of a service plan to address the barriers to stable housing
  • Referrals to substance abuse services
  • Referrals to mental health and dual diagnostic services
  • Referrals to medical clinic, child care and special activities, legal assistance, employment assistance, adult educating/training, and recreation.
  • Assistance with translations
  • Tenant education workshops that provide information on rights and responsibilities
  • Financial assistance
  • Transitional housing - 6-12 months (currently we have a waiting list)

Service Planning:

This entails:

  • Development of a services plan to include the most appropriate services and supports, addressing all the needs identified during the assessment process
  • Service arrangement: Provision of information, referrals or actively arranging client’s access to services and supports.
  • Clients are better able to handle situations or incidents if they reoccur
  • Clients become aware of their legal rights as a citizen
  • Clients can better manage their finances
  • Clients can acquire job skills and hence make a living for themselves
  • Clients learn to communicate by learning English and become computer literate

Economic Empowerment Program:

One of the objectives of TMWF’s Empowerment Program is to not only provide assistance to clients, but also to provide them with knowledge and skills that they could use to improve their lives and become independent.

Our main goals are that our clients become independent and in control of their situations.

Training and Education Programs:

  • Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Campaigns in North Texas
  • Interfaith Dialogs
  • Educational awareness workshops
  • Outreach services